ROCKER - Issue #1, Dec 2023

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ROCKER  - Issue #1, Dec 2023

ROCKER is a new bimonthly digest printed and published in the great city of Philadelphia, PA, USA. It focuses on harsh noise, ambient, musique concrète, electroacoustic, drone, tape music, wall noise, experimental, unclassifiable, concept works, computer music, field recording, indeterminate electronic, narrative, ecological, text-based, religious, song, acoustic ensemble, gorenoise, power electronics, blacknoise, and composed, modern, synth-based noisy stuff and sound design.

in this issue
• interview with Aaron Dilloway
• interview with Yan Jun
Molassas Industries paper circuit with assembly instructions

• Original Ink and paper drawing by Tom Darksmith
• History of American Music, interview with Glenn Jackson
• Review Policy

Printed in full color on #80 gloss paper. 64 pages, all content.

original run: 200
final print count: 650